Letter To Voters

I made the decision to run for state house representative after the 2016 election. I realized I’d rather be the one making the laws to help us, than reacting to laws that could hurt us. We have critical issues impacting our state this year - like fair elections, education and keeping our kids safe in school, and protecting our environment. Additionally, we need to work on continuing to expand business investment to attract and retain innovative companies that will help Indiana lead the pack in preparing for the future of work.These issues matter now and how we think about them and work to solve them requires a more balanced viewpoint to move Indiana forward.

About Naomi

I am a local community leader and Extension Educator for Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. As a candidate for State House Representative, I am running to represent a balanced and pragmatic choice for District 24 where partisanship politics has dominated, unopposed by the Democratic party, for the past two elections. In my role as a professional educator, it has been my job for the past 10 years to listen to the needs of local communities and collaborate across strong, opposing opinions to find the best path forward.



There is a great deal of uncertainty in the healthcare market and there may continue to be for some time.


Today our only mass transit system consists of buses that run as far north as 86th street.



Better Indiana, an organization that supports "local and state leaders and organizations that work to improve the lives and livelihood of all Hoosiers" formally endorsed Naomi's candidacy on November 6, 2017, exactly 365 days until the 2018 election.


To all who have “signed up” to endorse me – thank you for your support. I am humbled and honored that you have joined me for this journey. I can’t do this without you.


"Sometimes you meet someone with so much passion and integrity, that you realize how important and rare those people truly are. Naomi Bechtold encompasses these characteristics by her skill to lead by example and express her opinions with candor and empathy. Her ability to mobilize leaders across Indiana as a Purdue Extension Educator makes her uniquely qualified to understand and respond to her community's needs in District 24."

Kelsey​ Clayton
Manager, Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network